Using Technology to Enhance Learning and Teaching Methods


Vision Statement

Technology is an essential component to learning and teaching at Union School. Our school recognizes that technology is vital to preparing students for lifelong learning and workforce readiness for the 21st century. As such, we strive to provide students and teachers with technology resources and skills to be productive citizens in an information-driven, global society.

Mission Statement

Union School students leverage technology to construct knowledge and meaning by engaging in personally relevant and meaningful learning experiences. Teachers and administrators use technology to efficiently and effectively facilitate and manage the learning environment.


Focus Goal: 100% of Union School students and staff will be digitally literate in order to be globally competitive.

Union School strives to:

  • Integrate technology into the curriculum to inspire a learning community that collaborates, communicates, and solves problems by connecting students and teachers to the outside world.
  • Identify and utilize existing, emerging, and cost-efficient technologies that enhance learning.
  • Promote the safe and ethical use of technology.
  • Ensure equitable access to technology.
  • Support teachers and administrators with ongoing staff development and technical support.

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