Discover the Values Our School Upholds Every Day


Union School Haiti is committed to meeting the needs of students from diverse cultural backgrounds, offering a program that focuses on excellence in academics and all other areas of their lives. We provide our students with an American curriculum, which emphasizes Haitian history and culture. Our standards-based program recognizes education as a life-long process through which individuals continually acquire skills, develop abilities, and increase their potential. We emphasize the importance of acquiring fluency in oral and written English at all levels and obtaining proficiency in French.

Mission Statement

Union School continues to inspire a culture of lifelong learning that emphasizes academic excellence, civic-mindedness, and character development. Through technology and innovation, our U.S. accredited program in Haiti promotes a community of learners ready to take the lead as local and global citizens.

Vision Statement

Building Character, Cultivating Academic Excellence

Core Values

At Union School, we develop civic engagement based on the following core values:

  • Honesty - Personal honor and dignity, which promotes social well-being. An honest person does the right thing in the right way without cutting corners.
  • Responsibility - The ability to tell right from wrong and to make reliable, trustworthy decisions based upon that knowledge.
  • Courage - The strength to make a decision for yourself and stand up for what is right. Courageous people stand up for those who are oppressed and against injustice and peer pressure.
  • Empathy - The ability to put oneself in someone else's place in order to better understand the other person; having perspective.
  • Respect - The ability to feel or show esteem for, to honor.

Throughout the school year, we organize activities that specifically aim to develop and strengthen the core values listed above.