New Panthers

New Panthers

Profile of a Union School Student:

  • A Person of character.
  • A person who is respectful, caring, and Empathetic.
  • A person who is engaged in a healthy Lifestyle.
  • A leader who will strive for excellence in all aspects of life.
  • A creative problem solver and critical innovative thinker.
  • A person capable of using a variety of informational tools.
  • A lifelong learner who adapts to and creates positive change.
  • A person who has knowledge and appreciation of American and Haitian culture and history
  • A person who possesses self-esteem and judicious personal power.
  • A person who practices environmental preservation and is a concerned global citizen.
  • A responsible citizen who contributes to and models democratic values.
  • A person who respects and celebrates cultural diversity.
  • A person who is capable of adapting to new technologies
  • A person who is independent, self-starter, intrinsically motivated, solution oriented, and organized.
  • A person who demonstrates outstanding practical and academic skills for personal and professional success.
  • A person who demonstrates skillful written and oral communication and reading ability. Adapted from PTC materials.


Uniforms: are available for purchase at Mimi’s Bookstore

Cafeteria: Monthly menu, price lists provided and prepayment plan available.

Student Groups: Students participate in the Student Council, National Honor Society, Model United Nations, among others.

Extracurricular Activities: After-School Athletics, Interscholastic Competitions, Arts, Music, etc.

Special Needs, Social/Emotional Support and Guidance and Child Safety and Safeguarding