Union School has a well-developed Athletics Department suited to foster the needs of the whole student. During physical education, and in our afterschool athletics program, our teachers work diligently to develop the physical, mental, and social development of our students. Each student’s quality of life and overall good health are vital to adapting to our ever-changing world. Teacher’s help students to understand balance, fitness planning, anatomical health, and locomotive and non-locomotive skills.

While advocating overall good health Union School’s athletic teachers instruct students on the ABCD’s of physical education. These are: “act safely, be positive, be prepared, cooperate, and always do your best”.

Students develop fundamental skills that encourage good attitudes, behavior and knowledge that coincide with the Physical Education Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools Learning Curriculum. In addition, the expansion of our yoga classes help to facilitate a healthy routine for our students.

Union School also offers three afterschool athletic seasons during the school year. Check out our “Panthers Athletics Haiti” Facebook page to keep in touch with current games and sporting activities. We work daily to grow our department, serve the community, and bring new opportunities to Union School, so stay tuned!

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Nickolas Urkow

Athletic Director